Welcome To Special Space

Special Space Studio is a design and construction firm based In Tehran founded by architect Mojtaba Tasallot at 2010.
The practice covers all scales, such as single-family house, offices and workspaces, residential, commercial and mixed use large-scale complexes as well as interior design, landscape design, renovation and reconstruction.
In order to solve this wide range of practice our highly collaborative staff comes from wide-ranging theoretical and practical backgrounds, including architecture, art, graphic, planning, construction and etc.
Our work has been distinguished with several accolades including the International Design Award (Los Angeles 2017), 2A Asia Award (Barcelona 2018) and two Memar Awards, a prestigious national award for architecture in Iran held annually, making it one of the top prize-winning practices in the country.


  • Improving visual literacy of users and spectators by considering architectural project as a lasting and eternal artwork.

  • Trying to benefit from all the positive capacities from project’s context and answer the functional and socio-cultural needs of users

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